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Powerful Tool For Accurate Industrial production


When you are producing your components or prototypes, you need a machine that can provide precision, speed, and consistency. Components that have been CNC machined are extremely desired since it is possible to make them in practically any shape in a short amount of time and with little effort.

Milled Components

Components that have been milled may be manufactured from a wide range of materials, such as metal, plastic, or composites. The threaded rod is the machined component used most often since it can be recycled into different fasteners, such as nuts, bolts, and screws. Components that can move, such as gears, bearings, and other moveable parts, are all instances of machined components.

The Many Benefits and Applications of Milled Components

Components that have been machined may serve various purposes in the construction industry. For example, milled components may be used for everything from the smallest screws and nuts to the biggest engine blocks. This versatility makes milled components extremely versatile. For example, milling may create functional components from various materials, including metals and polymers. The material used will be decided upon based on the function being performed as well as the quality of the end product that is anticipated.

The following are examples of common applications for machined components:

Screws and bolts: grind screws and bolts made of a variety of metals to create objects that are both robust and lightweight.

Nuts and Bolts: Using a grinder to make products of varying strengths from nuts and bolts made from different materials nuts and bolts: Using a grinder to make products of varying strengths

To produce components that are not only lightweight but also long-lasting, the engine block is machined from a range of materials.

Gears constructed from various materials need distinct grinding methods to manufacture completed items with variable maximum speeds and torque capabilities.


Suppose you are looking to increase the efficiency of your assembly line and are in the market for a bespoke CNC milling solution or CNC milling service; AS PRECISION may be able to provide you with an ideal option in the form of CNC-milled components that they have on sale. By producing goods that perfectly match the client’s specifications using precision machining techniques and cutting-edge machinery, it is feasible to significantly cut down on the amount of waste generated during production. In addition, compared to other, more traditional processes, the generation of components using this approach could result in shorter turnaround times and cheaper manufacturing costs.



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