John Mayer Last Train Home

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 John Mayer – Last Train Home

John Mayer – Last Train Home

By : Jimmy Kimmel Live
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John Mayer Performs 'Last Train Home' on 'Jimmy Kimmel Live ... John Mayer performed his new song “Last Train Home” live for the first time on Jimmy Kimmel Monday night.. With a full backing band lined up behind him, Mayer played through the Toto-esque ... John Mayer embraces the ’80s in a big way on new track Last ... After a week of teases, John Mayer has unveiled Last Train Home, the first taste of his forthcoming eighth studio album, Sob Rock. As hinted by the album’s oh-so-’80s cover shot, Last Train Home harks back to the glory days of yacht rock, with multiple synth lines, big percussion and a bucketload of vocal hooks. John Mayer Brings the 80s Into the 20s: "Last Train Home ... There’s a lot to listen to in this perfect little pop gem, like the 80s-style Toto-flavored synth pads, but I’m there for the sick tasty fills John Mayer inserts at exactly the right points. It may sound simple, but it ain’t. “Last Train Home” from John Mayer’s upcoming album ‘Sob Rock’ out now: