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Hallucination Football Tips In a Hallucination Executive — A part 1

The following are few Fantasy Football Tips I’ve learned over the last several years; which may have helped me win Several Games, a Championship, and finish in the Top of several leagues. These tips are primarily aimed at PPR Leagues, but if you should be in a Standard League they can help you too. If you are a new comer to Fantasy Football or an experienced vet, I am sure there’s something here for you.

Here Are Your Fantasy Football Tips

Tip #1 – It’s all about the match ups, especially come Playoff time. This really is among the tips that I’d to learn the hard way.

Several years back I went UNDEFEATED for a whole season and caused it to be to the Championship. I’d the BETTER ROSTER and better players, ทีเด็ดบอลเต็ง  BUT one other guy had a GOOD ROSTER with GREAT match ups. By match ups I imply that his players had a simpler Playoff schedule than mine did. They played weaker defenses that couldn’t defend his players offensive positions that well. So his guys literally went off and mine didn’t appear; mainly because of the match ups and tip #2, which is…

Fantasy Football Tips #2 – Look out for the WEATHER! This really is another tip I learned in a VERY PAINFUL way. In this same Championship Game I’d Tom Brady, Randy Moss, and probably one or more other player on my Roster that been playing in a literal Blizzard. SERIOUSLY. This is the season that Brady and Moss both broke the TD records and the Pats almost went undefeated… You understand, Brady is throwing 2-3 TD’s a game and Moss is catching 1 TD a game with over 100 Yards receiving.

Well on that day, I don’t think Brady threw a TD and Moss probably only had several catches. It had been brutal. So now when I am considering the NFL Schedule, I am looking for studs that play in good climates or Domes by the end of the year… in the event the WEATHER bug turns up and kills my team.

Tip #3 – Fantasy Football tips #3 can be compared to fantasy football tips #1. Draft with the Playoffs in mind. Now nothing is 100%, because the NFL changes every year. But I should go to NFL.com or ESPN.com and consider the previous years TEAM STATS. You are able to Highlight the “Scores & Stats” tab and then go to “Team Stats” You are able to access this all by going to NFL.com.

Conclusion to Fantasy Football Tips – Part 1

I really hope these tips can help you win some fantasy football games, and ultimately a championship. Another article I is going to be sharing on Fantasy Football Tips, is where to find GREAT resources and other websites which have been very useful to me. I will also continue this series with an increase of detailed tips. Thanks a great deal for reading!

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