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Content Website Builder Software Review – Create Your Money Sites in a flash


Content Website Builder or CWB is a software that allows you to create a money-making website in two easy steps. Basically, 총판  what you need to do is just launch the software, login to the back-end system, fill up a form, select your template and click the create button. It’s really that simple.

Let me explain in more details below…

Content Website Builder is a client-server based system. The client portion is just a small program running on your pc. When you launch the program, it will try to connect to its server via internet, and you will be prompted to log into the server.

Once you’re in, you will be presented a form with the following fields…

After you have entered all the necessary information above, press the create button and voila… your money website is ready.

To be effective, you need to do some keyword planning and research before creating your site using Content Website Builder. Here is an important tip you need to know… choose FIVE long-tail keywords in your niche. Then, enter these keywords into CWB to generate webpages that are optimized for these long-tail keywords.

Don’t worry… you can easily enter more keywords after your site has been generated. You just need to edit a single file to add in additional keywords.

The 5 major content providers used by Content Website Builder software are: ebay, Google AdSense, Amazon, Youtube and Yahoo! Answers. The contents are generated based on the targeted keywords you entered, giving you hundreds of self-updating dynamic webpages. They will be updated regularly without any intervention.

After the site has been generated, there is a template file you can use to easily edit and add Clickbank products as well. You can also easily install and integrate a WordPress blog with your money site if you want.

However, there is one issue I have with CWB, the tutorial only talks about all its wonderful features. There is no discussion on how to optimize the money site for SEO. It’s great that we can easily integrate keywords into our site that in turn populate content dynamically; but you must also make sure that you choose the right keywords to target. A discussion or two on this subject will be excellent to further increase the value of this software.

Last but not least, you can try out Content Website Builder for free before you buy. Try it out for free first and see for yourself how easy it’s to create a money-making website in a flash.

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